USG Fall 2018 - Class of 2022 Council

public election

This election will determine the 5 members of First Year Class Council. To view candidates' statements, please follow this link:

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This election is complete.


Question #1
Select up to 5 of your preferred candidates for Class Council members.

Sarah Lee166
Caleb Kim113
Mariah Crawford119
Vinny Pagano64
Zizi Coleman75
Gabe Lebeau200
Anika Khakoo135
Gab Duguay67
Musab A. Almajnouni66
Amina Elgamal79
Anthony Hein27
Gio Kim95
Grace Wang133
Jayson Badal111
Jen No112
John Sposito62
Katya Kopach96
Mansi Totwani183
Michael Phillippy26
Nico Gregory122
Qing Huang99
Santi Guiran203
Codey Babineaux88
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